Pandemic-Proof Party Ideas

Wondering how to make your little one's big day safe and special during these pandemic times? There are lots of great ideas out there so I've compiled a few of my favourites in this post.

To support you in your mindful decision-making, I've also included a list of questions that my husband and I asked ourselves before planning our son's 5th birthday celebration this summer. We wanted to create memories to last a lifetime but knew we had to celebrate in a way that would leave us with no regrets.

Whether you are considering a physical gathering, hosting a party virtually or keeping it simple, low-key and close, only you can decide what's best for you and and your family. Stay safe, protect your bubble, and remember that your choices affect your whole community. We are in this together. So choose responsibly.



Questions to consider:

1) Do you currently have COVID spread in your community?

2) What official guidelines are being given locally around hosting gatherings, both indoors and outdoors in your city, province, state, country? 

3) Do you have any immune-compromised people in your family or bubble? What is your risk-tolerance? Are you and your spouse aligned on this? If not, get on the same page.

4) If hosting a party, will social distancing be in effect? What other safety precautions can be taken to ensure everyone's safety?

5) If you are considering inviting guests outside of your bubble, are you aware of whether they are committed to practicing safe social distancing? Are you confident that you, your family and guests will be safe of any exposure risk? Weigh your options. Think about impact, particularly if you have a health-care worker or vulnerable person in your circle, household or family.



Now, for the fun part. No matter which way you choose to go - real, virtual or some awesome hybrid of the two - your kid's day will be special and smile-worthy.

So, here are some great pandemic-proof party ideas. If you have any other cool ones to add, I'd love to hear from you! Stay safe and happy planning!

      1. Organize a drive-by parade. Get your family and friends to decorate their cars with signs and balloons, sing songs and honk for the birthday kid.
      2. Ask friends and family to make short videos, recording songs and birthday wishes in advance. Then put them together into a video montage. 
      3. Host a Zoom Party. Decorate the room or choose a background template from Canva. Create a special sharable Spotify playlist and get kids to dress up in fun outfits. A virtual dance party, or create together, building out of Lego or Play dough. Send out details with the invite well in advance.
      4. As part of your virtual party, you could live stream a performance such as a magician, musician or clown, or hire an MC to host your video party. Contact your local party companies and event services to see if you can rent a character, such as a prince or princess, to make a virtual appearance at your party through Skype or Zoom, or do a pre-recorded message.
      5. Host a Netflix Party and stream a movie together.
      6. If virtual is not your jam, plan a special day at home. Decorate the house, order your kid's favourite food, make them king or queen for a day. Play their favourite games, have a dance or karaoke party. Create a scavenger hunt and have them search presents and treats or do an at-home camp out. Or plan a picnic in a local green space or have a beach day.
      7. If you have decided to host an in-person event, outdoors parties are the lowest risk. Set up hand sanitizer stations, practice social distancing and remember that large gatherings are just not a good idea as they pose too great or an exposure risk, even outdoors.

Stay safe, get creative and make your child's birthday one to remember for years to come, full of laughter and smiles, and with no regrets. 





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